Friday, April 18, 2014

Decorating Easter Eggs Part 1: Sharpie

I can't believe Easter Weekend is already here! Usually when the spring semester begins, this weekend feels so far away that I am sure it will never come. But this time, the semester has just flown by! I don't mind at all though!

I wasn't planning on decorating Easter eggs, truthfully I haven't done that in a very long time! But the sun was out and I wasn't eating the eggs in my fridge so I thought... why not? I will be posting this in 2 parts today {see part 2 here}! Two different ideas for decorating your eggs!

I wasn't really willing to deal with the mess of dyeing eggs in my little living space, or in Will's kitchen so I was searching for cleaner alternatives! This is where those Sharpie markers and pens that you can't help but buy come in handy!

All I did was hard boil the eggs, and once they were cooled I drew on them using either the ultra fine tip markers or the pens! I think if you used a regular sized Sharpie or permanent marker - it might work even better, but I didn't have any of those!

I think they turned out adorable though, and this is a fun way to enjoy colorful easter eggs without all the fuss! You should give it a go this weekend! :)

I will be back later today with the second installment! Until then, enjoy!

Wishing you a lovely little day!


  1. So pretty! And so perfect to decorate an Easter Brunch with!

    Pretty Lovely

  2. Beautiful decorated eggs! It is a simple method of decorating eggs with sharpies. I think I may end up doing this tomorrow, with my nieces.


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